Lucky 7 Bullmastiffs

Welcome to Lucky 7 Bullmastiffs website. My husband and I are truly excited for your interest in one of our bullmastiff babies. John and I have four children; Elizabeth/Kent Woodfin (23), Victoria (18), Jay (12), and Annmarie (7). Our daughter Elizabeth and her husband Kent blessed us with our first granddaughter, Georgia, this past May. I am a high school mathematics teacher at Wheeler County High School and am currently pursuing my school counseling degree at Georgia Southern University. Together, our family has been breeding and raising bullmastiffs for 12 years.

​​We currently own 6 bullmastiffs. Over the years we have placed bullmastiffs in homes as pet/companions. This past winter the Make A Wish Foundation contacted us about a 10 year old cancer patient who “wished” for a therapy dog. This was our first experience with placing a puppy as a therapy dog. Below is a picture of Gracie and her best friend “Peyton”. As a counselor, I was intrigued and did a lot of research about bullmastiffs and their role as therapy dogs. I know my babies have made some of my “blue” days much brighter. We are looking to making this a focus in our breeding. We limit ourselves to no more than two litters a year, so that we can focus on dogs and puppies. states that Bullmastiffs make great therapy dogs for individuals with arthritis or other issues resulting in low mobility due to the fact they are low energy and don’t need much exercise.  

I am not a “show breeder” and I don’t claim to know a lot about showing dogs. This is not to say our dogs wouldn’t do great in the ring. They do have numerous champions in their background, so confirmation is there.  Our focus is mainly on temperament and health.  My family and I have had the experience of adopting a dog, falling in love, and then being overcome with grief by losing our family companion to some genetic defect. Because of this, we research both parents and grandparents of our dogs for excellent health. We also ask our families to keep us informed on their puppy’s health.

It takes a lot of trust on my part to place a puppy in a home and a lot of trust on the buyer’s end that I am supplying them with a health puppy. In order to protect us both, I offer a one year health guarantee and a life time of support. If you are interested in one of our Bullmastiffs please feel free to email or call. I will answer you as soon as I can. My daughter Elizabeth helps me tremendously and knows our dogs very well. Feel free to talk with her if she answers the phone or responses to an e-mail.

We hope to hear from you soon,

Lori Adams

Lori Adams

Elizabeth giving Tobias a belly rub.